Differences Between Big Dogs & Small Dogs


All of my 26 years I have always wanted to have a “big dog”.

Several years ago, I began looking for a dog to adopt because my to be husband was moving 6 hours away for law school and like a little kid told myself, it would all be okay as long as I got a puppy out of the situation- I was right. The dog I adopted, named Skipper, was an adorable black shepherd/lab mix. About 48 hours after adopting him, I realized I had some serious allergies. Sadly I had to give him back. I was devastated. Thankfully, weeks later I found our dog Scout at the local SPCA and also discovered the miracle that is Nasonex mixed with a daily dose of Allegra #lifesavers!

Now, years later as a foster for adoptable dogs, I had the opportunity to share out home with a six month old lab mix puppy, enter our current foster dog Xena.

I am now overwhelmed by the differences between Scout, who is about 10 years old, and Xena, but mostly I am amazed by the differences between small dogs and big dogs.

ImageMost notably:

– Water drips everywhere! There is a consistent trail from the water bowl to everywhere else in our house. This is especially unsettling because we are also house breaking her. So you never really know- is this a water drop or a little bit of dog pee…

-Scout can usually get by on a bowl of food which he “self moderates” through out the day. Xena on the other hand gets a bowl three times a day which she promptly consumes like a tornado.

-Toys become unrecognizable after about 24 hours. What is now a sad mushy orange rag, was once definitely a stuffed toy fox. Not that Scout doesn’t play with his toys on occasion, but Xena plays. She takes playing with toys to a whole new level and explains why dog toy companies stay in business.

Despite all of these differences, and our decision that we may only be a “small dog” family from now on, I do love our foster dog Xena. Without any training she has figured out: retrieving ( which I guess is in her name sake, but still impressive!), obediently entering her crate when asked, and sit. When she runs it looks like skipping, and even though our old, grumpy dog Scout has not once been kind to her I feel like she would only have nice things to say about him.




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