#tunesday 4/9

ah #tunesday. i haven’t posted since last tunesday, which is a problem…I am just highly motivated by these easy twitter inspired posts. maybe a little throwback thursday a little later this week?

there isn’t really a song that I have been eagerly waiting for on the radio this week, but I have heard the last half of Carry On by fun. a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They are such a hit machine..and also the lead singers mouth is bizarrely hypnotic…

If you’re lost and alone/ Or you’re sinking like a stone/ Carry on/ May your past be the sound/ Of your feet upon the ground/ Carry on


#tunesday 4/2

Imagine Dragons is definitely one of my favorite bands right now, I had their other radio hit “It’s Time” on repeat for months. I discovered their newest single “Radioactive” in January and rediscovered it this week since it is featured in previews for The Host. So good…